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SlapShot Precision Home Defense: Sighting in Nikon Slughunter Scope


We took the Savage 212 shotgun with the Nikon Slughunter scope out to zero the scope for an upcoming hunt

With the Nikon scope and the PHD-250 we had zero in a few shots. We used the PHD-250 to get the scope zeroed at 75 yards. The BDC reticle enables the shooter to adjust quickly to shots beyond the 75 yard zero. 

The holes in the target show a perfectly stabilized 3000 foot per second SlapShot PHD-250 projectile. Once zeroed we fired practice rounds using the PHD-125 and PHD-250.  





The PHD-125 consistently flies faster than the PHD-250, so we anticipated a slightly higher impact at 75 yards. Go to the following link to see data collected during prototype testing.

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