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SlapShot USA: Elevating The Fully Rifled Shotgun

High Performance from Your Low Cost Shotgun

It takes two minutes to change the barrel on your Remington 870 from smooth bore to fully rifled bore. If you are using flight controlled buck shot similar to that made by Federal, the shot cup will probably rotate as it goes down the barrel. If the shot cup rotates it will alter the shot pattern. Remington Managed Recoil does not use a shot cup and the pattern is the same in my rifled barrel as my smooth bore barrel. 

Cheap to Buy, Cheap to Build, Fun to Shoot

Maverick Model 88 by Mossberg $259.00 MSRP

Now, if you think you want to use the rifled barrel for accurate shots with high performance ammunition, don't shoot buck shot through your rifled barrel. SlapShot Precision Home Defense ammunition works great in a basic inexpensive shotgun like the Maverick Model 88 by Mossberg. SlapShot ammunition has been tested in Mossberg, Remington, Savage, CVA, H&R and the Maverick.

Or in 20 gauge:

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