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Adapting the PHD-250 for Use In Shotgun Hunting

Mechanically Adaptable Projectile (slug)

What is the difference between the Precision Home Defense 250 and the MAP Hunter?  The PHD-250 is manufactured with specific components in the mechanical recipe. This optimizes rapid energy transfer, guarding against over penetration while maintaining hydrostatic shock characteristics.

The MAP Hunter is adapted to achieve desirable ballistics for hunting. Under the guidance of consultants we have made changes to the projectile's mechanical recipe. Consultants recommend rapid incapacitation, reduced damage to meat, greater penetration for increased vascular injury. This video compares the 12 gauge home and personal defense slug to the slug modified for hunting:


In Development

The founders of SlapShot USA have expertise in police and military tactics as well as extensive scientific training. Following guidance from our hunting advisors, we are being careful to ensure ethical applications. The Heavy Hunter is the combination of old technology and what SlapShot USA has learned during research. The 20 gauge Heavy Hunter is being manufactured now and combines speed and weight for short to medium range shotgun hunting applications.

Coming soon are the Adder and Razor series of projectiles. These will provide a full range of applications: 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 45 caliber and 30 caliber. The Adder series will be used in our extra high velocity applications. The Razor will be a variation of currently tested technology that will be used in high velocity applications. 

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