Fully Rifled 20 Gauge: Elephant Gun? No Way!!

Is this a poor man's BIG game gun!?

We purchased a CVA break barrel single shot 20 gauge shotgun with a 24" rifled barrel. The gun cost us around $250.00 and we put our SlapShot Heavy Hunter 20 gauge slug to the test out of this tiny shotgun. In our test the SlapShot Heavy Hunter had an average muzzle velocity of 2306 FPS (72 degrees F). The 450 grain lead free slug delivers quite a punch out of the inexpensive fully rifled CVA shotgun.

CVA Fully Rifled 20 Gauge 24" Barrel $250.00


SlapShot 20 Gauge ToxSafe Heavy Hunter: 450 grains; 2306 Feet Per Second

Ruger No. 1 400 Nitro Express $800.00

400 Nitro Express: 400 grains; 2150 Feet Per Second

We do not sell guns and we are not actually telling people that this is the way to go when hunting big game in Africa. When facing a lion that can cover 100 yards in less than 6 seconds the choice is important, BUT at the very least this is interesting; for those of us who like interesting things.


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