Precision Home Defense PHD-250-FT Performance Report

SlapShot Mechanically Adaptable Projectile Performance Test

Performance testing the SlapShot PHD-250-FT-193 projectile. This 12 gauge shell was set up for professional level performance. Optimized to cause remote cerebral wounding ( and extended penetration into the target medium. Unlike the PHD-250 and PHD-125 which are set up to protect against over penetration while achieving remote wounding.

Permanent crush cavity 4 inches in diameter and 6 Inches Deep. The Interchangeable Component continued penetrating beyond the 4x

PHD-250-FT-193 set up for use by professional users at 3,842 Feet Per/Second

PHD-250-FT-193 Performance Chart

Experimental Mechanically Adaptable Projectile Tests Result in Precision Home Defense Ammunition.

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