SlapShot USA Presents the PHD-125 Series

Hard Hitting PHD-125 Series

The Precision Home Defense 125 slug has a smaller hollow point and a more aggressive conical shaped nose. We have configuration that have enable us to fire this slug at speeds exceeding 4000 Feet Per Second. The PHD-125 penetrates slightly deeper than the PHD-250. It can be fitted with Interchangeable Components just like the PHD-250.

This slug is available in the following configurations:

  1. PHD-125 (tested 72 degrees F) 3000 FPS
  2. PHD-125c (tested at 32 degrees F) 3000+ FPS
  3. PHD-125 LR (low recoil) 2700 FPS




 PHD-125 Impacting Type 3A ballistic panel


Note the spherical pressure wave upon impact similar to a pressure bubble created by an explosion. This is caused by the rapid energy dump upon impact.


Note the melted material where on the back side of the panel. 

The entry side of the ballistic panel 3/4 inch hole.


Precision Home Defense 125. Watch for flash sale pricing coming up!!

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