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This Is Not Your Granddad's Bullet: Part 2

SlapShot Mechanically Adaptable Projectiles Adapted for Hunting.

Part one demonstrated how the SlapShot Core Projectile Module can be adapted for different uses by adding or removing an Interchangeable Component. The Interchangeable Components can be used in several different calibers manufactured by SlapShot USA, LLC. Currently 12 gauge and 20 gauge are available with other calibers on the drawing board. Slugs adapted for hunting combine significant hydrostatic reaction and penetration within the target. The Mechanically Adaptable Projectile dumps energy rapidly upon impact while simultaneously releasing the IC. The Interchangeable Component (IC) can be made of several different materials. Currently SlapShot ICs are .25 caliber in a range of weights and design. Most are completely lead free and some are biodegradable. 

 Video of SlapShot 12 gauge Adapted for Hunting


Video of SlapShot 20 Gauge Adapted for Hunting: Hydrostatic Reaction

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