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Why Do I need Cold Weather Ammunition?

Cold Weather Ammunition OR Not Cold Weather

SlapShot USA offers ammunition tested in a DOD certified manufacturing facility. As shotgun ammunition goes, SlapShot USA is producing comparatively high performance precision ammunition and we want our customers to have the best possible outcome when using our personal defense ammunition. The question is what does it matter so long as it goes boom when I pull the trigger? 

Ammunition performs differently depending on the type of components used in the ignition cycle. The mixture of primer and powder can alter performance significantly. There are gun powders that perform better in cold environments and paired with the correct primer the gun powder performance can be optimized. At SlapShot USA, our ammunition is manufactured in a DOD certified facility. This enables environmental simulation testing. Ammunition made for the United States military must perform in sub-zero temperatures.

At SlapShot USA we know that customers store ammunition and firearms in diverse locations. Locations may include a gun safe in the garage, or shop. Perhaps in a gun bunker in their truck. Some of you may use a firearm in a professional capacity and you may work in extreme environments. 

The SlapShot Precision Home Defense ammunition is intended for defensive purposes and professional use. SlapShot ammunition rated with a "c" will work as specified at 8 degrees. The pressures will cycle a properly functioning semiautomatic and the slug will fly at the specified speed and react as designed upon impact. We have tested the ammunition at 110 degrees F and pressures do increase and that is why we do not recommend using or storing our cold weather formulation in areas hotter than 80 degrees F. 

At a show we talked with a customer who hunts bear and he was particularly interested in our PHD125 for use as a guide. I was intrigued, but have no idea if that would be a good application and I do not know exactly what kind of bear he was talking about, but he did by over a hundred rounds of ammunition. However, I can guarantee it will perform as advertised if the bear is in a cold environment. We do have other ammunition we have designed for hunting. 

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