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Elevating the Shotgun – Making your shotgun SlapShot ready

SlapShot ammunition is designed to elevate the performance of the shotgun. Our current 12 gauge  ammunition is designed for hunting, personal defense and professional applications. This article will show how inexpensive and simple it is to build a rifled tactical shotgun, or how economical it is to buy a shotgun with a rifled barrel to shoot SlapShot USA’s high performance shotgun ammunition.

Our SlapShot team used the Mossberg 930 fully rifled semiautomatic shotgun as seen below, purchased off the shelf components to build an effective home defense shotgun with a fully rifled barrel.  Black Aces, Mesa, Magpul and ETS are just a few companies that make accessories for creating a SlapShot ready home defense platform. This shotgun will shoot all SlapShot USA factory ammunition. SlapShot USA produces ammunition that exceeds 3000 feet per second and this semi automatic platform cycled flawlessly when we fired 14 consecutive boxes of precision home defense ammunition at one single range day. The SlapShot low recoil ammunition also cycled flawlessly. This fully rifled tactical platform can fire buckshot, slugs or buckshot if that is what the operator prefers. This type of build can be done with several base platforms made by Remington, Mossberg, and Benelli. This particular set up does not have the mag extension and holds 5+1 of the 2-3/4 precision home defense rounds.

Cheap to Buy, Cheap to Build, Fun to Shoot

Maverick Model 88 by Mossberg $259.00 MSRP

SlapShot Precision Home Defense ammunition works great in a basic inexpensive shotgun like the Maverick Model 88 by Mossberg. SlapShot ammunition has been tested in Mossberg, Remington, Savage, CVA, H&R, and the Maverick.

Rifled Mossberg Barrel

CVA Fully Rifled Shotgun

We at SlapShot tested the different ammunition in our rifled barrels and noted no damage from the use of our steel 0 buckshot or any size lead shot. We noticed immediate damage to the rifling in the barrel when shooting tungsten shot. The SlapShot High Velocity Shot is also safe to shoot out of the fully rifled barrel.

Basic $450 Shotgun


Rifled Remington Barrel

This model 870 can be fitted with a fully rifled barrel and a full range of accessories that will enable optics, lighting, and shell holders. This platform will enable as many as 6 of the precision home defense slugs.

Tactical Home Defense Shotgun

Manufacturers offer many versions of the tactical shotgun. Remington and Mossberg offer slug barrels for the 870 and the 500. The slug barrels come with cantilever rails and rifle style sights. My daughter recently purchased a Mossberg with both the rifled and smooth bore barrels. She can swap barrels in about 2 minutes. For a home defense shotgun the rifled barrel enables the use of all good home defense ammunition. The cantilever rail system enables the inclusion of red dot style sights that are very suitable for defensive shotgun applications. All of those offerings are smooth bore shotguns. It is not a complicated matter to assemble a reasonably priced home defense shotgun that will not only shoot the most powerful SlapShot ammunition but also buckshot. The video below demonstrates how simple and quick you can swap your smooth bore to a fully rifled platform.