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Increasing Capabilities with MAPX – Mechanically Adaptable Projectile

The SlapShot MAPX is patent pending technology that allows for mechanical adaptation of a round of ammunition to a desired tactical application. Dependent on the “X” variable of the Mechanically Adaptable Projectile you achieve different ballistic performance (see D1,D2,D3, and D4). The question of why or when an adaptation is done is a tactical question, but how an adaptation is done and what the adaptation achieves is a question of capability. MAPX live adaptation is a capability. Mechanical Adaptable Projectiles are a capability. SlapShot USA is providing increased capability and increased effectiveness, the user is responsible for tactics.

Tactical = Why? or When?

Capability = How? and What?

MAPX enables a single round of ammunition to be adapted to a range of capabilities, a range of capabilities previously requiring multiple types of ammunition. Currently a single Interchangeable Component (IC) can be used in SlapShot 12, and 20 gauge shotgun ammunition and 45 caliber rifle and handgun ammunition (coming soon). While a professional user probably would not choose to alter ammunition in the middle of a live incident, MAPX enables adaptation at anytime the user chooses.  With MAPX, a responder can quickly change the ammunition from penetrating through a target (D4) to rapidly transferring its energy into the target (D3). This change will significantly reduce the risk of over penetration while maintaining extremely high immobilization capability. Over penetration is a real concern in a crowded chaotic environment like an active shooter where lead and copper projectiles can blast through multiple walls striking people who are hiding from the shooter.

SlapShot MAPX capabilities extend to home defense where our family members may be hiding in rooms within the house and SlapShot’s controlled penetration will reduce the risks posed by old technology lead and copper projectiles that have been proven to blast through walls, too often killing innocent people. SlapShot USA is increasing the capability of home defense options and home defense effectiveness. Just because you are capable of altering your SlapShot ammunition, you may choose to get it, set it, and leave it. Whether you take advantage of MAPX’s capability or not, SlapShot USA’s ammunition is still your best choice.

Let’s review some of the science:

[Watch a video of the MAPX in use below, follow us on youtube for more product testing and videos]


The following illustrations demonstrate how a single Mechanically Adaptable Projectile can be optimized for different performance. The ability to adapt the center of mass for optimal flight or increase the size of the hollow point for more acute hydrostatic pressure. (Courtney and Courtney, 2008)

Center of Pressure and Mass Diagram

D1: Adjusting Center of Mass Toward Tip

The illustration shows the center of mass as a white and black circle and the center of pressure as a line. The IC (red part) is adjusted to the tip for increased penetration and optimized flight when fired from a rifled barrel. The additional release of the .25 caliber Interchangeable Component will create a secondary cavity (Two Stage Projectile).

Center of Pressure to Mass Diagram 2

D2: Adjusting Center of Mass Toward Base

The illustration shows the center of mass as a white and black circle and the center of pressure as a line. By adjusting the IC toward the base of the projectile the hollow point diameter and depth is opened, increasing the rate at which energy is transferred into the target upon impact. The release of the .25 caliber Interchangeable Component (red part) will create a secondary wound channel (Two Stage Projectile).

Center of Pressure to Mass Diagram 3

D3: Adjusting For Optimized Rapid Energy Transfer

With the IC removed, this projectile is optimized for rapid transfer of energy from the Core Projectile Module (grey part) into the target (One Stage Projectile). This creates an acute hydrostatic pressure curve in aqueous mediums (animal and human). This is a preferred adaptation for home and personal defense.

Center of Pressure to mass Diagram 4

D4: Adjusting for Increased Mass and Penetration

Removing the shorter Interchangeable Component and replacing it with a full length IC gives increased mass, metallic meplate, smaller hollow point and increased core rigidity. The end result of this adaptation is maximum penetration with the release of the 40 to 75 grain, .25 caliber Interchangeable Component after impact. This creates a secondary wound channel (Two Stage Projectile). Also, this configuration is easy to adapt from maximum penetration (as seen) to the absolute fastest energy transfer to reduce over penetration risk as seen in illustration D3.


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