(100 Pack)12 Gauge – CPM-12-125-110 One Stage Projectile


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The 12 gauge CPM-12-125-110 is a 110 grain one stage 12 gauge Core Projectile Module (slug) to be used by those who load their own 12 gauge ammunition.

Slug Number Explained:

CPM =  Core Projectile Module

12 =      12 gauge projectile

125 =    1/8 diameter hollow point

110 =    Weight of slug in grains

This slug is used in the Precision Home Defense ammunition manufactured by SlapShot USA, LLC. The PHD-125 ammunition as manufactured by SlapShot USA is a high performance ammunition designed to mitigate over penetration (full details available on product page). This slug is designed for personal and home defense applications and is intended to be used in fully rifled barrels only. This projectile requires spin stabilization so that it hits tip first. Rifled barrels with at least 1:35 twist rate will stabilize this slug adequately for defensive ranges.


SlapShot USA cautions reloaders to use the base recipe provided with the slugs as a prudent starting point. If changes are made, they should be small incremental adjustments. Components should be assembled into the shot shell in the order depicted in the assembly diagram provided on this page. This projectile is only to be fired from a fully rifled shotgun manufactured after 1995. NEVER fire from a shotgun with any kind of choked barrel.


SlapShot USA has proprietary methods that in combination with our projectile technology enable the high velocities seen in our factory ammunition. There is no guarantee that using this item alone will achieve the same  performance as ammunition manufactured by SlapShot USA, LLC or its contractors.


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