12 Gauge Precision Home Defense PHD-250 LR (Low Recoil) Box of 5


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Precision Home Defense low recoil ammunition has slightly less muzzle velocity than other PHD munitions (2700 FPS @ 72 degrees F).  Low recoil ammunition enables quick re-acquisition of a target for follow-up shots.  Low recoil ammunition is good for novice shooters who are familiarizing themselves with a new firearm or learning defensive shooting techniques. Due to the fact that this ammunition is intentionally loaded to lower chamber pressure it is suitable for hot environments. Pressures and velocities will increase in hotter environments. Increased chamber pressures will also mean increased recoil.


CAUTION: Always inspect ammunition to ensure there are no flaws. SlapShot Precision Home Defense ammunition is designed for fully rifled shotguns manufactured after 1995 ONLY. Do not fire SlapShot Precision Home Defense ammunition from any type of choked barrel.


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