American Flag Gun Wall – Olive Drab Green


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The Olive drab green American Flag Gun Wall Bundle is the perfect solution to hold all your firearms and gun gear. This modular gun wall storage system is made from heavy duty aluminum strongwall (slatwall) panels, safely holding the weight of all your firearms. The gun racks on this bundle hold 6 rifles and 6 handguns. The gun wall is fully modular, allowing you to move firearms around to your preferred gun room set up with the ability to add other hangers for your growing collection. This gun display also includes a steel shelf to store all of your gun accessories.

The American Flag slatwall is made up of 5 heavy duty extruded aluminum. Not plastic which tends to sag. The rails have been clear coated after printing to ensure that the graphic will not rub off from use.


*Firearms in photo not included in purchase


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