Ballistic Products double-pin roll crimper 12 gauge


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The double-pin design of this crimper offers the handloader greater crimp control, tighter sealing, and completed crimps in about half the time. The spin direction is oriented for clockwise rotation in either drill presses or hand drills.

Crimp depths often vary from load to load, even to a point where it is difficult to produce a proper fold crimp. A compromised crimp can severely disrupt the entire combustion process, thuse reducing performance or even causing a blooper.

Shotshell load performance can vary shell to shell because components such as slugs, buckshot, and full-length field wads, by their nature, are not flexible platforms. Roll crimps adjust to the load (instead of the load adjusting to the crimp) and the ballistic results demonstrate more consistent & sustained combustion. Test lab data show a more consistent propellant burn will yield improved performance.


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