(Box of 5) PHD-250c 12 Gauge Precision Home Defense Cold Weather


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Why Cold Weather Shotgun Ammunition?

People store the ammunition and firearms in different locations. Some keep their ammunition in a safe in the garage or shop. Some store a loaded shotgun in a car or truck bunker. If it is winter or you live where it gets extremely cold you want to makes sure your firearm will function properly and the ammunition will perform as advertised.

The 12 gauge PHD-250c is configured to function better in colder conditions. Do not use cold weather optimized loads in temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Chamber pressure may increase as temperatures increase. The c series was tested at 8.6 degrees Fahrenheit and produced 3000 FPS reliably.  PHD-250c uses a Mechanically Adaptable Projectile. This series of projectile is designed to be altered during the loading process. The Precision Home Defense Series is optimized to reduce the risk of over penetration in defensive and protective service scenarios.  These are spin stabilized projectiles designed to be fired from fully rifled shotguns.


CAUTION: Always inspect ammunition to ensure there are no flaws. SlapShot Mechanically Adaptable Projectile (MAP) and PHD ammunition  is designed for fully rifled shotguns manufactured after 1995 ONLY. Do not fire SlapShot Precision Home Defense ammunition from any type of choked barrel.


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