12 Gauge Precision Home Defense – PHD-125 – box 5

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The 3000 FPS 12 gauge Precision Home Defense 125 (PHD-125) shell has a 110 grain one-stage projectile with a .125 inch hollow point (1/8 inch). The PHD-125 is a Mechanically Adaptable Projectile. The smaller hollow point enables slightly more penetration when compared to the PHD 250. The PHD-125 is designed to reduce the risk of over penetration in defensive and protective service scenarios.




Always inspect ammunition to ensure there are no flaws. SlapShot Mechanically Adaptable Projectile (MAP) and PHD ammunition  is designed for fully rifled shotguns. This ammunition will not perform as designed if used in a smooth bore. Do not fire SlapShot Precision Home Defense ammunition from any type of choked barrel.


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