(Box of 5) Saber- 12 Gauge 113 grain 3240 FPS Average Velocity


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Saber With Two Stage Projectile

The Saber is part of the Precision Home Defense Family. It utilizes a spin stabilized two-stage projectile. The two-stage projectile is intended to increase penetration and will penetrate through common residential walls and doors. This projectile is environmentally safe, made from lead free, food grade material and 37% of this projectile’s mass is biodegradable.

Mechanically Adaptable Projectile (MAP- patent pending)

The Core Projectile Module (CPM-black component) used in the LA-72 is also used in Saber ammunition. By installing the Interchangeable Component (IC) it becomes the 113 grain two stage projectile used in the Saber shell. The IC can be installed after the LA-72 is an assembled piece of ammunition so an inventory of LA-72 ammunition can be changed to an inventory of Saber ammunition. The slug used in LA-72 ammunition has progressive adaptability only.

Progressive Adaptability (patent pending)

Projectiles with progressive adaptability can only have an IC added to the CPM. Once an IC is installed it is a final adaptation.

CAUTION: Always inspect ammunition to ensure there are no flaws. The spear tipped Interchangeable Component should not protrude beyond the edge of the roll crimp. SlapShot Mechanically Adaptable Projectile (MAP) and PHD ammunition  is designed for fully rifled shotguns. This ammunition will not perform as designed if used in a smooth bore. Do not fire SlapShot Precision Home Defense ammunition from any type of choked barrel.


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