SlapShot USA is more than just guns and ammo we also offer Services in:

  • Public/community safety trainings
  • Neighborhood organizing and safety trainings
  • Business and Staff trainings on personal and work place safety
  • Active Shooter trainings and seminars
  • Emergency Action Planning/Assessments
  • FREE 1639 compliant certification training
  • COMING SOON: Concealed carry safety and basics, Personal defense trainings, Owning a firearm (know your laws and rights)

SlapShot USA designs and educates customers on proper home/business safety and self defense. From being self-aware to preparing your home or business for the day to day vacancies or long-term vacation. Some SlapShot classes and trainings can be custom designed per group to cover all your top concerns.

Complete the contact form below and a member of our team will contact you  to schedule a free consultation for services.

(SlapShot USA training’s and services are based out of Longview WA. If you are wanting trainings or services that require travel, additional charges apply.)