Firearm Transfer Services

SlapShot will help you take possession of a new or used firearm quickly and with ease. Firearm transfers are done during business hours and no appointment is necessary. We will help you complete all the necessary paperwork and conduct whatever background checks are required by law.

If you are transferring a handgun, be sure to know your state laws and requirements. If the firearm is not permitted to transfer, you will have to make arrangements to send it back to the sender. Feel free to contact us to verify if your gun is legal for transfer to or from Washington.
If a transfer firearm (bought from somewhere else) is left untransferred for greater than thirty (30) days, we will start charging storage fees of $30.00 every 30 days and you are subject to another background check and 4473. Transfer fees will apply again per firearm.
If you decide to return your transfer gun prior to taking possession of it, you are still responsible for any shipping and transfer fees and may incur a $25 fee.
There is a $50 fee for background check denials. If you think you are prohibited from owning firearms, check with an attorney or conduct your own background check prior to purchasing a firearm online.
  • TRANSFER FEES (per gun)
  • Long guns (non-regulated rifles and shotguns): $25.00
  • Pistols: $25
  • Receivers/Other: $20
  • Semi-Automatic Rifles: $40 (this will cover the $18 required state fee)
We do not currently do Class III transfers.

Ammunition Transfer Services

Does your state not permit ammunition shipping and sales from outside your state but you would like to buy SlapShot ammo? We will work with you and your local FFL to transfer ammunition for pick-up. Just select the Transfer ammunition selection option below and provide the required information for the FFL Transfer. We provide ammunition transfers as a free service, however be sure to check with your local FFL for fees and charges they may apply.
To begin the process request for a firearm transfer complete the form below: