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SlapShot Minis – Coming Soon

Increased speeds and increased capacity! The SlapShot mini contains our full bore 12ga hollow-point slug we have all come to love out of our top performing LA-72, but now more compact! This new round will allow increased capacity in your shotgun and still provide top of the line performance!

Features and Info:
Gauge: 12
Recommended Barrel: Fully rifled (accuracy decreases in smooth bore)
Range: Personal Defense ranges (10-30 yards provides best performance)
Slug Weight: 72grains
Overall Weight: 222.5 grains
Overall Length: 1.6″
Magazine Compatible: No
Controlled penetration: Yes
Velocity: 2700 Feet per second

What to know before you buy minis:

Cycling: There are a few things to know about minis, most shotguns are not designed to shoot short shotgun shells. There are a few brands that do well in this regards, Browning and Kel Tec seem to have the upper hand in cycling minis. However there are companies that are working to make adapters to easily place on your firearm which would allow it to properly cycle the minis.

Adapters: SlapShot is working with a company called OpSol out of Texas that has already made an adapter for Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, and Maverick 88 model. The current OPSol adapter is a bit large for cycling SlapShot Minis currently. But the OPSol team has come up with some great alternatives that have so far tested promisingly.

Racking (ejecting and loading): Something to note about shooting minis is you cannot be afraid to rack your shotgun. If you are pausing, even with the adapter, to check how the ammo is loading into the ramp it risks the possibility of the round rocking back and misaligning with the tube feed, then you will have to remove the shell from the chamber and rack in a new round. In the video below of the minis test with the OPSol adapter you can see we almost had this happen twice as I checked the rounds while racking them in our live demo.